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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Blogging and the Synergistic Network

Did you know that there are businesses that will pay you to join them as a regular blogger? Why would they do this?

Well, they know that if they have a successful blog produced by someone knowledgeable on a specific subject they can receive AdSense income that exceeds what they pay you to produce it.

AdSense is an advertisement product available from Google. There is no cost to participate and certain subjects command a greater advertising residual. The payment Google makes is based on the total numbers of clicks on advertising links. That’s why blogging for profit companies are searching for those individuals uniquely qualified to write material that will bring in significant readers. The belief is that many of those readers will convert to ‘clickers’ and visit one or more of the AdSense links.

Okay, so if a profit based company understands the positive dynamics of blogging why can’t you tap into this market yourself? You can and that’s part of what this article is about.

You can develop your own Google AdSense account and learn the skills needed to place those ads in your blog automatically. What this does not mean is overnight wealth. What this does mean is a two-pronged approach to business objectives. First, you develop a blog with the purpose of providing quality information to your consumers. Secondly you keep posting a minimum of three well-developed blog posts to keep visitors coming back and to maximize AdSense revenue.

You can tell you are doing this right when both your primary business and your AdSense revenue are doing well.

It can become very easy to let a blog slide. You may not even believe it is all that effective in the marketing of your business. Consider the use of AdSense as an accountability tool to keep you locked into the synergy of blogging.

You may not notice every connection blog readers will make with your business, but it is planting seeds. AdSense revenue can help you see the success you are achieving in growing your blog readership.

When you use Real Simple Syndication (RSS) you can keep blog readers coming back more often. Keep your AdSense keywords targeted to the same objective as your blog and keep posting regular content with applicable links to affiliated content and your primary web presence.

Citrix Synergy defines synergy as, “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

This is the dynamic that is captured in the sum total of marketing. Blogging is an interactive mechanism that adds a synergistic push to online success. It’s not the only push, but it’s noticeably pushy.

When you harness the multiple mechanisms that combine to create effective marketing you create a unique environment for success.

I want you to pay attention to what I have to say in this next sentence. Marketing isn’t simply a mechanism for success, it is the synergy of networking. We often think of marketing as getting the word out, but it draws on multiple connections and can respond in much the same way as every other networking tool at your disposal. Your marketing ideals will always need to be networked together. Blogging can be a key player in that networking strategy.

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