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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Importance of Updating Your Blog

What is the importance of updating your blog often? Some might see no value in it; and might instead create multiple blogs, each of which they attend to for only minutes each week. Other blog owners see the importance of updating your blog often-and will spend 3-4 hours each day updating their blogs with news and ideas.

From both a technical marketing viewpoint and a social marketing viewpoint, updating your blog often is one of the best ways to maintain a constant stream of traffic.

From a technical viewpoint, new and unique content makes your blog look better to search engine spiders; this, in turn, gets your blog ranked higher. Additionally, from a technical viewpoint, updating your blog more frequently will allow you to get pings accepted more frequently, which means your blog will spend more time on the front page of blog directories.

The importance of updating your blog often also comes into play if you wish to integrate extensive social marketing into your overall blog marketing plan. Most people don't realize this, but marketing is often all about the human connections.

You don't need to be a technical wizard if you forget about profits for a few minutes and instead concentrate on making human connections with other blog owners who share similar interests. One of the best ways to achieve this is by keeping an updated blog, which will give other bloggers the incentive to drop by each day, post new comments on your blog, and refer their own blog readers to your blog. The importance of updating your blog often is crucial.

And there you have it: the importance of updating your blog often is paramount to success. Whether your goal is to use your blog for social marketing or technical marketing, you will have to update it often with unique and interesting content if you want to build an atmosphere that encourages return visits.

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