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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

How To Make Big Money With Blogs

I have thought about 'How To Make Real Money With Blogs' a lot. I've also read a lot about it. So, this is what I came up with.

Building a blog empire is the way to go:

1. You need to decide on what niche topic your blog empire should go for. It has to be a more general subject where you can use sub categories for your blogs. And of course, it has to be a hot niche topic that everybody is interested in.

Go to ClickBank for this kind of information. And by the way, Internet Marketing is always a profitable main category to go for.

2. Start with about 5 blogs at Blogspost and WordPress. Search engines love this ones.

3. Post some great, useful information about your topics on your blogs at least every second day. This is important for the search engines to be able to notice your blogs. Google for ideas by typing in keywords related to your topics and use the results for your articles.

4. Place affiliate links into each of your posts and at the end of your articles. These links should be related to your blog theme. Also place links at the side of your blogs. Go to ClickBank and find yourself some great affiliate programs that relate to your topics and sign up as an affiliate. It's easy. Just go by the step-by-step instructions.

These affiliate links will enable you to blog your way to riches.

Don’t forget to SEO your posts or articles with keywords. Start by including a related keyword into your title and continue throughout your article body. This will ensure that the search engines will find your articles and blogs. Never forget keywords.

To find keywords use Google search engine and ‘google’ with some words or phrases that relate to your articles. If something comes up with the words you search with, you have found your keywords.

You really only need one keyword or key phrase for each article you post on your blogs.

5. Set up an Adsense account for ads to be put on your blogs. With these ads you can actually earn some money the easy way. And it's FREE! Place some targeted Google ads on your blogs, as this will make you money each and every time someone clicks on those ads on your blogs.

6. Write and submit 2 fresh quality articles a day for each blog to submit to article directories like and After a few weeks you should see some excellent targeted traffic coming your way.

7. Get a domain name or a page on your existing web site for each of your affiliate programs and re-direct these to your affiliate links, as the above article directories will not accept affiliate links. But they are still the greatest to go with.

I know, I know! It sounds impossible to write posts in about 5 blogs and write 2 articles a day for these blogs.

But you can re-write your blog entries into articles with 300-550 words, or so and submit them to the article directories of your choice.This will make you some significant extra money by marketing your affiliate programs with your articles as well.

Other marketers write 10 to 20 articles a day! You get used to it and then it will come to you easy.

If you stick to it, this can make you very wealthy. It has made many determined marketers rich. Believe me!

Start to make real money with blogs right now. It's fun!

Source : Elke houghton / www.

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