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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Use This Tip To Make Some Extra Money With Your Blog

We have published many articles on marketing, advertising and promotions. We have also given you many on sales and how to increase your customer base. Whether it was our informative articles or our daily podcast from our home page, we provide a plethora of information to assist you and your business.

We want to tackle in this segment how to use a blog promotional campaign so that your blog can make you a little extra money.

If you have a blog then you already know about the information I am going to provide on basic blog knowledge. A blog, shortened for binary log, is a personal written, audio or video account of someones experience on some topic in a chronological order. This information is then shared with the world over the Internet through their blog.

What a lot of bloggers (the name someone is called when they have a blog), do not know is that they can place small pieces of advertising on their blog for their visitors to take a look at.

The first question that comes to mind, is, will it look like it is cluttering their blog. The answer is no. Since blog websites are fully customizable so are the small pieces of advertising. The blogger can choose the color schemes, fonts, size, etc. In doing so they can make the advertising look like it is part of their site.

The next question would be, is it difficult to install this advertising? Again the answer is no. In regards to our advertising campaign, you as the blogger will create the code through a wizard which automatically generates the code for you. You then copy and paste that code to be displayed in the area of the blog that you feel needs to be occupied and will get the most exposure.

Once installed, the third question will arise, how exactly does one make money from this. The answer is simple. Everytime one of your visitors clicks on an advertisement, you earn money. There are many programs out there like this, however in the case of our advertising program, we have put together a unique program of levels. In other words, everytime someone clicks the ad, you are closer to the next level. With each increasing level you achieve, the more you get paid per each click.

This type of program works well for anybody and everybody that has a blog. The best part it takes very little effort on the part of the blogger. The blogger copies and pastes the code on their blog site and that is it. After that, they sit back and make money while their visitors click the advertisements on their blog site. Another excellent point about this is their visitors who click the advertisement do not need to buy anything, fill out any guestbook, etc.. All they need to do is click.

If you have a blog, thinking about starting one, or know someone that does, don`t forget about adding some advertising to the blog site so at least you or your friends will make something for the effort that is put forth.

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