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Monday, 13 October 2008

10 Tips That Will Improve Your Blog Posts

Web presence is essential, especially if you plan to organize a business of some sort. It is very crucial to make the initial right move to assure saving of time, effort, and very importantly, money. There are millions of blogs on the Internet, and all of them are vying for the number one spot. Thousands of blogs are created every hour, and with the increasing popularity and convenience of the Internet, the battle has only just begun. However, like any other market on the Internet there are tried and tested tips that have helped the industry leaders. Ten tips on writing a blog successfully are listed below:

1. The title: Each post must bear a title that demands a reader's attention immediately. The title should be so chosen that it should captivate the reader's interest and fulfill the intention of being not only informative but generate an urge to check the post out further. Longer titles are better, since they offer a little more detail about the post.

2. Precise and potent sentences: The sentences used in the post should be short and complete. Not all your readers are going to sit down and try to simplify complex sentences or hunt for real value in your blog. Watch your grammar and punctuation carefully. Your readers do not only expect it, but it helps them to understand what you are writing. Also, your post should ideally not be any greater than 200-250 words in length.

3. Bullets and subheadings: Readers do not like to read posts with lengthy paragraphs. The text should be broken up into lists when possible. Use bulleted points or small two and three-liners with suitable subheadings. This will make the post easy to scan. You need to allow the information you are providing attract the reader's curiosity.

4. Regular updates: Readers want current news. You need to ensure that your blog carries articles that are relevant and updated regularly. You need to conduct research from newspapers, web references, suggested new keywords, business letters and reports etc. Use CSS capability from various sources to automatically add articles to your blog.

5. Stand tall: You may be a faceless entity online, but still stand tall and bold in reality. Why shouldn't you? Isn't it true that you have a blog? Timidity is anonymity. So do not be afraid!

6. Ensure accuracy: You must be dead certain about the content of the blog. Never misinform and always be as accurate as you can. Check and double-check your sources for correctness.

7. Contribute positively: When you choose to include links on your blog, ensure that there is ample scope for interaction between you and the thousands of end users who may reach the site on purpose or accidentally. Always offer useful relevant information.

8. Stay focused on content: Continue to maintain focus on the theme of your blog. Any departure from your theme will not only add a little bewilderment, but the reader may decide that your blog isn't worth reading. It tends to rob you of your virtual authority on the theme of the blog very quickly.

9. Use Potential keywords: The right keywords capture the search engine's potential of attracting more and more users to your blog. Use effective and relevant keywords after a lot of keyword research.

10. Be methodical: Consistency and diligence are the mantras for a successful blog. Advertise your blog anywhere and everywhere. Be proud of it and flaunt it. A methodical approach will increase your potential of attracting new readers.

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