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Saturday, 25 October 2008

4 Ways to be a Successful Blogger

The art of blogging is the web phenomenon of the 21s century, being used both for personal use and as a business toll, but what is it that makes a successful blogger?

Here are a few tips to successful blogging that I have gleaned from my experiences - I hope they help!

1: Keep it interesting.

Nobody will read a blog that is not of interest, so the foremost point when blogging is to keep interest levels high. You can do this by injecting a certain flair into your blog, by demonstrating an interest in the subject that goes beyond the norm. Passion and dedication are the key words - write as if you mean it!

2: Invite participation.

Those reading your blog should be actively encouraged to comment, and you should be willing to enter into a discussion about the points that are raised. Comments from readers may - and often do - enhance the subject, and give you, the blogger, a new angle on things.

3: Read other blogs.

Reading other blogs on the subject, and commenting on them in your own blog, is a good way of building up the essential trust and interest that goes with successful blogging. Referring to others gives an air of knowledge and interest that is not given by inferring you are the be all and the end all. Also, this enables you to build up a relationship with other bloggers, creating a networking effect that can only be of benefit to you all.

4: Controversy can be beneficial.

Don't be afraid to be controversial, but take care not to let it become offensive. There's no better blog than one that raises others eyebrows and invites controversial responses.

Above are simply a few of the main pointers to creating a successful blog, and as you go on your experience will enhance the quality of your blogs.

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