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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Blogging For Money Online - a Few Tips

There are numerous mistakes people manage to do while they try to blog their way to financial freedom.. Here are just some that I've observed..(The simple step of succes: Doing the OPPOSITE of what everyone who fails at trying to do the excact same thing you are trying to..)

1. Make it obvious that they are only blogging for cash.(Post about dailyday things, like your mood, the weather, a book you like. Not just "I seriously LOVE this new product!!" or such)

2. Putting lots and lots of ads all over, seeming to think that it'll magically force the visitors to click..(Place a maximum of 2-3 ads on your page, preferrably on the sides, or in a link section..)

3. Blogging about terms that pays the most in google adsense, following trends, and doing like everyone else.(Rather search for the highest paying keywords for things you are interested in (and capable of) writiing about.

4. Getting traffic to their blog at the wrong places.. (F. ex. Exchanges featuring high click-through rates..P.S. What you want are: Interested, targeted visitors, that'll return to your blog again and again, and perhaps even make a link to yours it on their own).
To get targeted visitors for free, you can for example.
Find blog owners owning a blog in your blog's category and link with them.
Or you can use category-based blog exchanges, like:
Blogsoldiers (A big plus: Surfing sites in your blog's category makes it easy to get "link exchange partners.)

5. Having non-original content. (What you want is having quality original content that perhaps even gets republished on other sites with your link on.)

How to get original content:

Post it yourself, Don't cover other peoples work, don't write on a topic thats swarming around on every other blog in the world (Unless you can make it unique) and for gods sake, don't even think of stealing other people's content and post it as your own.

Ragnar T. Miljeteig Is an part-time internet marketer with 2 years of experience, mostly using free tools. is his blog.

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