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Monday, 25 August 2008

Six Simple Steps to Finding the Best Blog Software Online

When trying to choose the best blog software, there are numerous choices. Finding the right product for you can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Number 1: Budget

You first need to look at your budget. You may not be able to afford any software at all. If that's the case then Wordpress and Blogger may be your first choice. However, if you have a small amount of money to invest in a top blogging application then I recommend a software called Firepow which I'll discuss more in detail at the end of the article.

Number 2: Goal

Next you need to decide what your goal is in using a software application. Is it to save you time? Is it to make more money? Is it to automate a lot of the tedious tasks.

Number 3: Features

Wordpress and Blogger are more basic software applications where you can actually host your blogs for free on their servers. However, you do have limited control and flexibility in creating and maintaining your blogs with them. It's always recommended that you create blogs on your own domain.

Some of the more advanced programs can install blogs quickly, install and activate wordpress plugins, and help you manage your blogs and promote them quickly.

Number 4: Extras

Some applications won't work without additional components that you have to buy elsewhere. It's always important to try and find a software that includes as many blogging tools as possible to save both your time and money.

Number 5: Simplicity

It's also important that the program is easy to use and set up and that you can get up and running with it as soon as possible -- there is no long and intense learning curve.

Number 6: Ease of Installation

The best blog software will also be easy to install and easy and quick to install blogs with.

Earlier in this article I mentioned an innovative software application known as Firepow. Firepow is, in fact, a number of blogging tools all in one. It's highly recommended if you are after a program that is easy to use, quick to install blogs, helps you add fresh content to your blog and assists you with weblog promotion and web 2.0 marketing.

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